Sorry about the mess… This page is a work in progress.

I’m the author of the short story collection, Something Special, available at the Amazon bookstore in eBook and paperback formats.






My Doctor Who story, “Landbound“, was the winner of the 2017 Paul Spragg memorial short trip at Big Finish.



Battle Scars

In 2019 Big Finish released my second Doctor Who story, “Battle Scars.” I posted fanfiction at fanfiction.net under the pen name, SelimPensFiction. 



ehe54ixxsaegl4c-1During COVID lockdown, I collaborated with some other Big Finish writers to produce “Doctor Who: The Eighth Day”, an Eighth Doctor and Charlie story. Big Finish actor Conrad Westmaas narrated the story and you can find it on YouTube.


Lizzie and Me

Voice actor Alia E. Torrie narrated my story “Lizzie and Me.” You can find it on YouTube and Spotify





You can find me on Twitter: @SelimPensFctn.

I’ve written a full-cast Doctor Who fan audio drama. Doctor Who: The Alternative War is in post-production and will be available soon. The cover illustration is by @ViiiJohannes. 

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