Doctor Who: Resurgence of the Cybermen

This story,  unlike the others I’ve posted, is in script format. It was to be part of a series of fanfiction Doctor Who audio dramas. Sadly, that didn’t happen. The story concept was developed by Thomas0399.

In Resurgence, the Doctor is some unspecified future incarnation. The 12th + n. His companion is a Chicago detective from the Al Capone era. The story is self-contained except for one thing: the TARDIS collides with something in the Time Vortex and crashes on Earth. The “something” is never explained, as it was to be further developed in future episodes of the aborted series.

The script was originally entitled “Wrath of the Cybermen”, but since that title was already taken, it’s now resurgence. It’s surprisingly hard to come up with an original Cybermen title since they traditionally takes the form “SOMETHING of the Cybermen.” We must be near to running out of somethings by now.

To read the script, click on the link below. I hope you enjoy it.

Resurgence of the Cybermen