My fanfiction stories are in the realms of Castle, Doctor Who, Firefly, and Lord of the Rings. There are also two Castle/Firefly crossovers. You’ll find links to my stories on my author page.

A good starting point for my fanfiction is “Western Castle“, which requires no knowledge of the TV show. This story starts at the beginning, setting the characters in the old west with the addition of the Lone Ranger. Yes, the Lone Ranger. My best fanfic writing, I think, is in the Firefly-Doctor Who crossover, “Miranda“.

My most recent fanfic is “Finding Serenity“, a Castle story that is, and isn’t, a Firefly crossover.


In “Rook to Castle” and its sequel “Castle to Rook“, Castle seemingly meets his creations, Jameson Rook and Nikki Heat.

I wrote “Soapy Castle” for a laugh. What if Castle was a steamy romance novel? Note that it is quite steamy and sexy, so if you’re squeamish about that kind of thing, you’ve been warned…

Western Castle” reimagines Castle set in the Wild West.  Oh yes, with the Lone Ranger thrown in for good measure. (I never know when to stop.)

In “Heaven and Earth”, Richard Castle, now an old man, reminisces about his life with Beckett.

Who’s the Fool” takes place on April Fools’ Day. Someone is pranking the 12th Precinct and Beckett is on the case.

When Beckett is kidnapped, she’s rescued by… Batman?  Read “A Bat in the Castle” to find out how.

In which we learn “What Really Happened” to Castle on his wedding day.

In Naked Heat, Nikki Heat learns that Jameson Rook has been writing romance fiction under a pseudonym. In “Blazing Castle“, we learn what events in Richard Castle’s life inspired that idea. Please note that this is a “mature” story with scenes of explicit sexuality.

While engaged to Kate Beckett, Castle wakes up after a book signing bender in Vegas only to find that he’s married. His wife goes by the name of Saffron. “Our Mrs. Castle

In this rather silly story, the team at the 12th must help Beckett and Castle out of a sticky situation. “Caskett

In “Finding Serenity“, Castle and Beckett embark on a cruise as they recover from gun shot wounds. After all, what could go wrong? Especially when the captain is an old friend by the name of Malcolm Reynolds.


Goodbye” gives Zoe and Wash a chance to say, well, goodbye.

These stories are part of a loosely coupled trilogy: “Seeing is Believing” explores a side to Jayne we haven’t seen before; in “Hat Trick“, Jayne responds to the controversy around the banning of his hat; and “Rayne on Me” explores how and why Jayne and River might come together.

In “My Shiny Jewel”, Kaylee, with her home planet in danger, must face her past in order to lead the crew of Serenity forward.

Bookends” relates the story of how Zoe and Wash came fall in love with each other.

Doctor Who

Doctor on Set” finds an actor named David further exploring his character on the set of Doctor Who. Or is he?

In “Fate of the Earth” we learn why the Doctor has paid such special attention to Earth throughout his lives.

Brian Williams has an unexpected guest in “Guess Who’s Coming to Tea”.

Best Before” has the 11th Doctor attempting to keep the peace between the Ponds and one of his earlier incarnations, even in the face of a new danger.

After fixing the chameleon circuit in “Little Doctor“, the Doctor discovers that he might possibly have been better off before.

The fourth Doctor meets up with modern-day Sarah Jane Smith in “End Game” for one last adventure together.

Walk the Plank” follows “Best Before“, though it can be read separately. The Doctor and the Master, still in the Academy, discuss stealing a TARDIS. Determined to go through with it, the Doctor finds that he may have bitten off more than even he can chew.

The Cybermen, somewhat worse for the wear after recent battles, face off with a future incarnation of the Doctor in “Resurgence of the Cybermen.” This one is posted here as opposed to the usual since that site doesn’t permit script-format stories.

Mirror Mirror” finds the fourth Doctor trapped in a pocket universe with a little girl named Alice. To escape, he must somehow get past the Red Queen. This was my submission for the 2016 Paul Spragg Memorial Short Trips competition. Joshua Wanisko won that year with his remarkable “Forever Fallen.”

In “Just Another Day“, all the Doctors find themselves together in an unknown environment. They must put together the clues if they wish to return home.

The exiled third Doctor finds that reality itself is under threat in “The Unravelling.”

In an alternative universe, on the planet Carn, the eighth Doctor regenerates into … someone else. The Alternative War is a full-cast fan audio adventure.

The Lord of the Rings

In “Lord of the Wings”, Bilbo Baggins brings a pretty neat idea to the council of Elrond.


A Firefly in the Castle” depends on situations created in “Goodbye” but can be read independently. Malcolm Reynolds takes on a job from an unexpected client and teams up with Beckett to prevent the murder of Castle’s daughter.

In “Castle Serenity“, a sequel to “A Firefly in the Castle”, Castle and Beckett arrive in the future and team up with the crew of Serenity to prevent an atrocity.

Miranda” sees the 11th Doctor and Clara travel to the Firefly universe to investigate a mysterious message. This story concludes the Firefly time travel arc that started with “Goodbye”, “A Firefly in the Castle”, and then “Castle Serenity”.

An “Unlikely Meeting” occurs when Wray Nerely attends a Con on Persephone. This is a Con Man – Firefly crossover.

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